Bodyweight Workout

Follow along bodyweight workout I did at the gym the other day.

Wanted to share one round with you.

Come do this Bodyweight HIIT workout with me

This is RAW but I like to take you inside my training sometimes.

Perform each exercise for 45 seconds of work followed by 15 seconds rest.

Rest for 2 minutes and repeat for 3 rounds.

Exercise List
Overhead Clap Burpees 2:08
Full Abs Spring Ups 3:06
Stationary Plyo Lunges 4:07
Push Ups 5:05
Stationary Sprints 6:04
Mountain Climbers 7:05
Kick Ups 8:04
Prisoner Squats 9:05
Rotational Side Lunges 10:06
Bunny Hop Burpees 11:05