Over 40 Superset Workout Video

One of the greatest techniques that you can use
to drive up the intensity of your workout along with the results that you are experiencing is that of supersets.

Supersets have been traditionally employed by performing two exercises, back to back with no rest in between. Most commonly, two opposing – or antagonistic muscle groups are utilized.

So you’d work your biceps with your triceps. You’d work your quads with your hamstrings. You’d work your chest with your back.

…And while these were great combinations, you can take this a step further. By structuring your supersets in a particular manner, you can crank up your ability to build muscle, burn fat, and get to the pinnacle of fitness.


So what makes supersets so great? Why include them in your program?

Some of the major benefits they can bring include:

• Decreasing the total time spent exercising. Since you’ll be resting minimally between exercises, this means you can get in and out of the gym in a hurry.

• Increased metabolic demand. By using the superset structure I’ll be explaining momentarily, you can dramatically increase the metabolic demands these are placing on your body. In other words, you burn a ton more calories during and after the workout is completed.

• Enhanced cardiovascular conditioning. With the lack of rest between
these exercises, you can rest assured your heart rate is going to increase and stay increased as long as you do the exercise. Say so-long to cardio training when you are utilizing a superset protocol. You just won’t need it.

• Improved recovery time. You might think that superset training is going to decrease your recovery, but often, the opposite is the case. If you are performing antagonistic sets (working muscles that oppose each other), the muscle that is resting will be better able to rest while opposing muscle fibers are contracting. This is one clear benefit that is unique to antagonistic supersets alone.

• Improved endurance. By exercising for an extended period of time with little to no rest between sets, you can improve muscular endurance. You’ll be better equipped to fend off fatigue when you have supersets included in your workout protocol.


So there you have a few of the key benefits that supersets can bring. Hopefully from all this, you can see why they are a must-add to your workout routine.

With this workout, you will be focusing on supersets for time. 
Essentially, you’ll perform as many reps of an exercise as possible in a given time frame and then immediately move onto the next exercise. 
This amplifies the benefits that I’ve just noted above.

Take note that in order to reap these benefits however, it’s imperative that you keep your rest period between supersets to five seconds or less.

If you rest 10-12 seconds, your muscles can recover up to about 40% of what they started with and if you rest for 15 seconds, you’ll be up to 50%. Five seconds or less rest is your goal




The first type of superset you’ll be doing is a tri-superset in that it doesn’t just have 
two exercises stacked back to back, but rather, three exercises. This is going to give it extreme fat burning and muscle building capabilities, allowing you to torch fat quickly.

These supersets are also primarily going to focus on compound exercises, which work multiple muscle fibers at once. This allows you to maximize your strength gain, improve your total calorie burn, and build muscle.

You’ll be calling the entire body into play with these supersets, hitting muscles from all regions as you complete them.


Metabolic supersets will have you performing an upper body exercise, a lower body exercise, and then a core exercise. Then rest is taken before the process is repeated.

These can be done with bodyweight exercises or weighted exercises depending on how you wish to structure the protocol.

Over 40 Fat Incinerating Metabolic Superset Workout
Perform each exercise for 30 seconds each one after the other for 3 rounds. Rest for 2 minutes and repeat for the remaining supersets.


A1 – Upper – DB Push Up 30s
A2 – Lower – Kettlebell/DB Swings 30s
A3 – Core – Abs Bicycles 30s
A4 – Rest 30s

#1 A1 – Alt Bent Over Rows 30s
A2 – Bodyweight Squats 30s
A3 – Core – Plank Builds 30s
A4 – Rest 30s

#1 A1 – Upper – DB Curl and Press 30s
A2 – Lower – DB Forward Lunges 30s
A3 – Core – Abs Scissor Kicks 30s
A4 – Rest 30s