Before you cancel, if you want to get on a quick call or if I can answer your question via video then please email me personally at and I can address anything that you want to discuss.


Please fill out the information below so that we can help you with your cancellation process.

Over 40 Alpha, WOS and KBSA Cancellation Policy About Our Membership Websites

Our O40A, WOS and KBSA membership websites have trial periods. As a member, you gain digital access to eBooks, workout videos, workout library, programs, products, an exclusive group and other features.

You can cancel anytime, no questions asked.

Membership Cancellation by Participant:

You can cancel at any time by filling out the information on this page which will be forwarded to our customer service team Sarah or Marianne

Please provide a minimum of 24-48 hours’ notice prior to your re-occurring monthly membership auto-renew date to avoid future billing.

Membership cancellations received within the trial will not be billed. Refunds for cancellations received just after the trial period can be requested within 14 days of initial payment.

After the 14-day refund period, partial months of our O40A, KBSA and WOS membership will not be prorated and are non-refundable.

All refund requests must be made by the member or credit card holder. Refund requests must also include the name and email address associated with the product purchase and transaction number.

If approved, the refund will be credited back to the original credit card or PayPal account used for payment.

The above policies apply to all Funk Roberts Fitness Inc memberships unless otherwise noted in the corresponding program materials. Please read all individual program information thoroughly.

Membership Cancellation Terms:

Funk Roberts Fitness Inc. reserves the right to refuse/cancel a membership for any reason. If Funk Roberts Fitness Inc. refuses a new or renewing membership, the member will be offered a refund if applicable.

Still need help? You can contact Sarah or Marianne at  or leave a message  1-888-203-4615.

Return and Refund Policy:

We guarantee a one hundred percent (100%) satisfaction, or you can get your money back. If you are unsatisfied with our product, you can request for a no-question-asked refund of the full purchase price of your order within fourteen (14) days from the order date. We DO NOT refund any membership cancellations.

To request for a refund, you must follow the following procedures:

  1. Call our Customer Service Centre at 1-888-203-4615 or send an email to

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Do I Access My Account Membership?

The Funk Roberts HQ team is here to help you. If you are experiencing a problem logging into your account, please email Sarah or Marianne at or please call 1-888-203-4615

We appreciate your patience and understanding!

I Was Billed, But I Don’t Know Why. What Should I Do Next?

If you are unsure as to why you were charged by our company, please email Sarah or Marianne at or please call 1-888-203-4615. One of our agents will help you understand what the charges are for.

If I Cancel One Of My Subscriptions, Will I Still Have Access To Any Of Its Content?

Upon cancelling your subscription to O40A, KBSA or WOS, you will no longer be able access the continually growing library programs, workouts and resources around fitness. You will lose access to our Private Facebook Support Group. You will use access to our Weekly Coaching Call, You will lose access to new FREE Bonus programs, You will lose access to the Fitness App and you will lose your status on our email list providing early access to the newest supplements and gear before it sells out to the general public.

How Do I Cancel My Subscription?

In order to cancel a subscription with us, please email Sarah or Marianne at or please call 1-888-203-4615. All Cancellation requests made over email or over the phone will be handled promptly and will guarantee no future billing. If there is any crossover in your request to cancel and billing, then you will receive a refund.


Where Is This Membership Charge Coming From?

Funk Roberts Fitness Inc owns 3 fitness membership programs: Over 40 Alpha, Women Of Strength and Kettlebell Spartan Academy that provides users daily content and access to streaming video, fitness APP and products that aid health and fitness goals for men and women. Our memberships come with a trial period and then it transitions to a monthly (per month, quarterly or yearly) tuition fee until cancelled.

Where Can I Find My Username And Password For The Membership?

Upon signing up for the trial period or package you are sent to a page in which you have 4 STEPS to complete. The first step is to create your own username and password. You are also sent an email with links to the 4 steps as well. If you forget your password, you can click the reset your password button or please email Sarah or Marianne at and we will reset your password.


What Are Your Hours?

Our phone support team is available 24-7 but you due to volume it can take 24-48 hours to respond.