Alpha Spotlight: Andrew Shows Alpha Wins In Just 3 Months




We highlight our 54-year-old Australian brother who lost almost 6kgs of belly fat and cracked abs in just 3 months!

Check out the story of Andrew Major…


Before Over 40 Alpha


Before joining the O40A program, I was training myself at home but I needed to be honest with myself and realize that I was not ticking all the boxes Funk mentions in his podcasts and videos.

Basically, I was following programs not suitable for the over 40 group. I was starting to get injured, I was lacking energy and not fueling my body correctly.

I needed a plan and direction before I seriously injured myself.”


After the Over 40 Alpha


​​“So far I most definitely have more energy and focus.

I lost between 5 and 6 kgs (13lbs) during the journey.

I am a lot leaner.

My body feels great, not beat up or lacking motivation.

My biggest benefit from following the program is having a direction to follow and having a solid plan supported by my fellow brothers and course the energy that Funk gives back.

These things just set you up to achieve your goals

An Alpha trait that I have incorporated is having intent, by that, I mean having a purpose in what I want to achieve and being grateful for the opportunity.

& most definitely focusing on the stuff that matters in life, family, and daily gratitude.

That's more than one, but there are so many traits that I have incorporated!”



Immerse yourself in this program: read, watch and take in all the information that Funk has prepared for you.

Take your time, it's not a race. Really drill into your mindset. Set your intention and goals. When you're ready to get into that first workout, trust the program seek help from your fellow brothers and join the facebook group it's a massive support network – Now Get it Done”


Continue getting it done, Andrew! You are in Alpha mode! 


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