Over 40 Alpha Virtue: Well-Groomed


Daily Rituals: Well-Groomed

People take notice of those who hold themselves to higher standards.

They hold themselves up well, look and act confident and turn heads.

Part of that equation is taking the time to groom yourself daily.


It is easy to notice an Alpha male among several men because of the way he carries himself. An Alpha male’s physical appearance is in good shape, they wear clean well fitted clothing, maintain their personal hygiene, and make sure they look their best before presenting themselves to the world.

They also have a good order of their body language and use it to communicate well. Alpha has a great posture, keeping the chin up and good eye contact – these characteristics set them apart from those who simply walk slumping through life. 

It’s not for vanity though, it's a proven fact that looks dictate a person’s psychological well-being.

Alphas know that by holding themselves to these standards and “attacking” the day with wide-eyed energy, they can get more done, hold more influence and be the role model that society (and our children) need today.

They are men who are willing to do what is needed and investing time for themselves to forge the man they aim to be is part of this. 

Being well groomed seems almost trivial, but people make a first impression in under a second and so they know they can go further by using hygiene as a tool to stand out. It’s a worthwhile task and just 5-10 minutes in the morning can set the pace for the whole day.


As George Savile says…Yes, grooming takes time, but remember that a man who masters patience, masters everything else.” 


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