Over 40 Alpha Virtue: Commits To His Word

Over 40 Alpha Virtue

His Bond: Commits To His Word

A man's word should be his bond. His credibility is determined by how he keeps his word and pledges. It only takes one broken promise to ruin a person's credibility. 

A man who keeps promises is a man who can be trusted…

Commits To His Word

Alpha men stick to their words and do not commit to things when they are unsure. They are calm and aware of the impact of his words. They are clear with their intentions and are not willing to make others unhappy by giving false hopes and making promises they cannot keep. When Alpha men create a plan, they are all in. Their phone is away, their eye contact is on point and they are actively listening.

Keeping your word is about more than just doing what you say you will. It is about showing you have someone's back. It doesn't matter if the task is big or small; if you say you will get it done, make it happen because that builds credibility, trust, and self-accountability. 

Consider small promises with the same level of importance as big ones. Being a man of your word is an act of honesty with yourself as well as with other people.

And just like any other Alpha virtue, it takes awareness and it takes practice.


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