Alpha Spotlight: Murray Is Getting Strong Muscles In Just 17 Weeks

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We highlight our 59-year-old Australian brother who’s down with 15 kg in just 17 weeks on the One Year to Alpha challenge.

Check out the story of Murray Fleming!


Before Over 40 Alpha


I was on the slide physically and pretty much engrained with bad habits and routines knowing I needed to do SOMETHING (but what?)”


After the Over 40 Alpha


​​“I started at 102.5kg and accessed the 28-day and 7 day trials, after seeing some great results early and further encouragement from Andy I joined the Funk O40A programme and brotherhood. (Yes you were right Andy and THANK YOU !)

The end of Ph 3 saw me at 87.5kg showing a weight loss of 15kg in 17 weeks along with more muscle, more stamina, and better health!

My body changes are consistently heading in the right direction.

Life is better in every aspect! It’s amazing how much everything changes for the better when you're feeling better about yourself.

I feel stronger and leaner, my clothes are fitting better, my belt size is reducing and my Queen is much happier with her new improved Alpha ;)”



Believe in the programme and commit, results will definitely come – it is a journey and not a sprint. (one year to Alpha not 3 months to Alpha). Join the facebook group.”


Keep getting it done, Murray! You are an inspiration! 


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