Is This Holding You Back From Success

What I want to talk to you about right now is something that I know will touch home for many of you.

That is what the cost of NOT taking action is.

So many of us set goals. We have plans, dreams, ideas of what we hope to achieve but when it actually comes time to put the wheels in motion?

We fall short.

Very short.

Some of us don’t even get started at all. Instead, we think up an elaborate road map to get from point A to point B and then wind up sitting there, paralyzed. We’re paralyzed with fear, with thoughts of the unknown and quite possibly, with the doubt that we’d ever obtain success. So why try?

The cost of not taking action to motivate yourself to actually put one foot ahead of the other is devastating.

Remember, you only get one life to live here.

Each and every day that goes by brings one point closer to the end of your days. So think for a second, if you only had one more year to live, would you sit by and dream about taking action or would you get out there and do it?

Too many people let months go by without so much blinking an eye and end up in the same place they were before.

It’s time to change that. Start taking action. Start taking steps. Start motivating yourself to get the wheels turning.

What I want you to learn is the fact that your brain is hardwired by two very important driving forces that will dictate what your future becomes.

These are the fundamental need to:

1. Avoid Pain.
2. Gain pleasure.

Everyone has these forces. They are basically ingrained into our brain so we will do everything we can to achieve this. Unfortunately, for many of us, it spells bad news for our health and fitness program.

Here are some details to know.

Truth #1: You will work harder to avoid pain than gain pleasure.

As much as you may love getting pleasure, pain is worse. At least for the vast majority of people. So while you may get great pleasure from getting to a lower body fat percentage for instance, if it takes facing hunger for six months on end, that pain may be too much and you’ll just avoid the process entirely.

So avoiding pain is the biggest of all our short-term motivation sources. We do not like to feel discomfort at all.

This is unfortunate because the greatest success usually comes when you push yourself out of your comfort zone.


Truth #2: To be successful, you need to understand the costs of your current behavior.


Ever hear the saying that you won’t change until you change something about your day to day? If you keep doing the same thing over and over again, you can’t expect to get different results. You need to change your day to day to change your future.

Until you can accept that, you’ll always maintain the status quo.

The way around these two truth’s?

Look at the PAIN of not making change TODAY.

When you can realize that the pain in the future will be greater than the pain you may feel from temporary discomfort of today, that is when change will happen.

In order for you to get to a point where your brain recognizes the fact that the short term pain you feel from change is less worse than the long-term pain you will feel from standing still, you need to shift your current neuro-associations.

Here is the best way to do this.

1. List three new healthy changes you know that you should be making. Examples might be eating healthier, going for walks more regularly, getting to bed earlier, and so on.

2. Once you have these behaviours, take a moment to write the long-term consequences of not doing them. And you don’t want to just look at the surface level here on what will happen. Go deep. Really deep. The higher you can make the connection to your overall well-being, the better.

Let’s look at an example. Say that know you should stop eating potato chips every night before bed. The pain that you may initially think will happen if you keep doing this is that you may not lose weight, or worst case scenario, you may gain weight.


But don’t leave it at that. What else will happen? If you continue to eat potato chips and continue to gain weight, you may:

• Put yourself at risk for heart attack
• Suffer from sore and achy joints
• Struggle to keep up when running around with your grandkids
• Have to spend thousands on medical bills to get treatment for your health problems.
• Potentially face the risk of fatality due to your disease condition

Now that pain seems pretty big, doesn’t it. Is it greater than the pain of not being able to taste those potato chips before bed?

I think most of you would agree very much that it is. Now you need to use this to fuel your behavior change.

If you can do this for each of the main things you want to change, it’ll only be a matter of time before you are well on your way to achieving those goals that you hope to reach.

When doing this exercise, think on all levels.

Physically, emotionally, financially, as well as in your career and with your family and other relationships. Hit on all levels as that is what it may take to get you to finally achieve that motivation that helps you stay the course on your goals.

Remember, you want to realize the pain that you feel.

Until you experience pain, you won’t get to experience the pleasure that comes with achieving success. It’s through recognizing which levels of pain are the greatest burden that change will start to occur.

The more specific you can be with this, the better. Now get to the bottom of it. Start writing your health and lifestyle goals and figure out what’s preventing you from making those changes you need to.