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Over 40 Alpha Virtue: Proactive

Ahead Of Schedule: Proactive They say time is the most valuable asset as you will never get it back. That is why we work to maximize our time here on earth. Alphas don't just sit still in front of the TV watching...


Over 40 Alpha Virtue: Pursue Your Dreams

Passion In Life: Pursue Your Dreams Part of becoming an Alpha man in this new age is not simply to provide for yourself (and/or family), but these days it’s about enjoying the journey. Not exactly in a hedonistic way, but pursuance of...

Over 40 Alpha Virtue

Over 40 Alpha Virtue: Take Charge

Mindset Of Positivity: Take Charge Alpha males are natural leaders.  They’re influential with their ability to stand firm in their beliefs, without being aggressive. Take Charge They know when it’s time to be a follower, with their open curious mind. They can...