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Over 40 Alpha Virtue

Over 40 Alpha Virtue: Well Read

Brain Activity: Well Read “Not All Readers Are Leaders, But All Leaders Are Readers” Harry S Truman, the 33rd president of the United States famously quoted. The importance of reading cannot go unnoticed. There is a wealth of information just waiting to...

Over 40 Alpha Virtue

Over 40 Alpha Virtue: Great Sense Of Humor

Bonding Mechanism: Great Sense Of Humor One Alpha trait that is easy to skip over is a laughable trait. It is one’s ability to harness and maintain a great sense of humor. Great Sense Of Humor They say life is 10% in...

Alpha Transformations

Alpha Spotlight: Antony Is At His Fittest In The O40A

OVER 40 ALPHA TRANSFORMATION: ANTONY GIMUSIC We are featuring our 57-year-old American brother who has dropped 9lbs of belly fat and at his fittest since his youth.  Check the story of Antony Gimusic!     “My wife told me my I need...