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Alpha Transformations

Alpha Spotlight: Lawrence Has Developed Core Strength And Stability

OVER 40 ALPHA TRANSFORMATION: LAWRENCE BACKMAN   The spotlight is on our 44-year-old American brother who has strengthened his shoulders and prevented injuries.   Aside from that, he has established a healthy lifestyle which is a health-promoting behavior pattern that has given him...

Over 40 Alpha Virtue

Over 40 Alpha Virtue: Connecting With Others

Power of Socializing: Connecting With Others You can relate to others, which in turn makes everything reach further and deepen in importance. One of the most fulfilling things that we experience in life is connecting with others, simply because we like being...

Alpha Transformations

Alpha Spotlight: Mychael Is At His Best Shape At 55

OVER 40 ALPHA TRANSFORMATION: MYCHAEL THOMPSON   We are featuring our 55-year-old American brother who lost significant weight and is now enjoying his pants size 30.  He is at his high school size!  Check the story of Mychael Thompson!   “Life before...

Over 40 Alpha Virtue

Over 40 Alpha Virtue: Strive For Constant Progress

Breakthrough: Strive For Constant Progress All life is progress. Aim for continuous progress no matter how small. Strive For Constant Progress It is in our potential to make constant progress… In whatever direction we set out, there is no standing still. Every...