Transforming at 47 with Increased Testosterone, Energy, and Vitality

Alpha Transformations



Today, we highlight one of our newest Alpha Savages! At 47, our brother has committed to the reps, shedding stubborn belly fat and boosting his testosterone, energy levels, and sex drive.

Check out the story of Hossein Sadeghi…


Before Over 40 Alpha


“I wanted to have more energy and I wanted to see myself in the mirror with a sense of pride. I was frustrated that I had no energy and would get tired quickly…”


After the Over 40 Alpha


“I never thought this will be my longest journey in terms of health and fitness. I started this journey from 2020 and is the only program I have been able to stick to!

The results of this program have been amazing!

My energy levels have increased drastically during these years and feel a sense of happiness and optimism.

I’m now sitting at 79kgs/ 174lbs.

My bodyfat has dropped to 12% and my Testosterone has pumped to 641 ng/dl, puting me in the Alpha Zone!
My sex life has also improved! :)”



“Trust the program and just get it done.”


Congratulations on achieving Alpha status and becoming a true Alpha SAVAGE!

We can't wait to see those abs pop at the end of year 3 when you've become an Alpha Supreme king!



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