Transformed by O40A: From Overweight to Overjoyed, Our Journey to Fitness and Beyond

Alpha Transformations



We’re excited to spotlight yet another inspiring journey within O40A. This particular story features a dynamic husband-wife duo who embraced the challenge together, each achieving remarkable results and sharing their inspiring stories.


Check out the story of Bryan Postlethwait & wife Gracie…


Before Over 40 Alpha


“I was approaching the end of my 40’s and would be eligible to retire from a 25-year career in law enforcement a year from my start in the O40A.

I had developed bad habits over the years… alcohol, tobacco, poor nutrition, lack of exercise and stress had me very close to 260 pounds.

I was embarrassed that I’d let myself get that far out of shape.
My wife Gracie was a dual sport athlete (even though she was struck by lightning at 12 years old and doctors said that she wouldn’t be able to play sports) and had become really unhappy with her body due to her job in law enforcement.

She tried to get us motivated to work out and become healthy a few times but the problem was that she would make up workouts for us that were too hard. I thought she was trying to kill me.

We would do them once or twice and then we wouldn’t continue them.
I JUST COULDN’T keep up!

Gracie hated follow-along workouts AND bodyweight workouts.
She just didn’t think they worked!

It’s so funny to think about that now because we haven’t missed a workout in 2 years”


After the Over 40 Alpha


“I can’t even describe how happy I am with this program!

I started the program near 260 and am now at 194 lbs of lean muscle!

My wife Gracie started at 180 and is now 145!

I have not checked my T levels for a few years but I know that it’s up for obvious reasons.

Gracie mentioned that she’d like to do a bodybuilding competition sometime.
I really didn’t give it much thought just thinking it would pass.
By January 2022, it hadn’t passed so I signed her up for a posing clinic in February.
The coaches fell in love with her immediately.

We were almost two years into the O40A program by then and she was ripped.

We still hadn’t missed a workout together!

In March, we switched to primarily bodybuilding style workouts, throwing in a Funk workout here and there to stay in touch with the program and for the metabolic aspect of the workouts. Initially, I hadn’t intended on competing…
I was getting challenged by coworkers and academy students because my wife was competing but I wasn’t.

So, I did the ALPHA thing and decided to step up and compete.
I knew I had already won because I was really competing against the man in the mirror. Funk had changed that man.

Challenge accepted!!

The show we competed in had a portion dedicated to military and first responders.

My proudest moment was being introduced to my wife, Gracie (also in law enforcement) and walking on stage with her.

It was a culmination and celebration of all the hard work we’ve done since joining O40A a little over two years ago!!

I was in 4 categories and won a third and 2 fifth places.
Gracie was a third and fifth.
There were over 90 athletes in the competition.
Not too shabby!

My life is forever changed because I signed up for the $1 trial month membership”

Alpha Transformations



“Life is about making choices and decisions.
We all make bad ones, unfortunately…

Joining this program is not one of those.
If you want to take control of your health and feel good again…
If you want to look in the mirror and see who you want to see…join this program.

I’m not going to lie… It’s hard!
It takes commitment.
It takes a lot of sweat and some tears but it is worth every drop! ”


Thank you for being such an inspiration! Keep crushing it!



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