Alpha Spotlight: Tony Young’s Testosterone Gone Up Over 150 Points




A 54-year-old brother from Texas.

He just crossed the One Year to Alpha. Tony finally figured out his nutrition and started to lose more body fat getting him down to 179lbs.


Look into his inspiring journey to the Alpha Zone…


Before Over 40 Alpha


My life before O40A I was an overweight man.

I started following Funk on YouTube and decided to join the O40A brotherhood”

My starting weight was 230lbs

My starting body fat was 24%


After the Over 40 Alpha

“My weight now is 179lbs and 15% body fat.

Also, my Testosterone has also gone up over 150 points! It’s The Alpha Zone!

I now feel very healthy!

My nutrition is good and I workout 3 to 4 days a week following the O40A program.

My Mindset now is much stronger. It has helped me when I didn’t see the progress I wanted along the way.

But I kept following the process and watched my body change.



Trust the process and follow the O40A program.

Don’t focus on other people's results, only focus on yourself.

Whenever I got disappointed with my results, I would look back at my pictures of when I was overweight and out of shape… It brings me back to my WHY!


Thank you for sharing Tony and we can't wait to see what you're looking like in the next 12 months!


Keep getting it done, fellas!


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