Overcoming Complacency, Shedding Pounds, and Gaining Strength in the O40A

Alpha Transformations




Today, we highlight a brother who's returned to the Alpha grind, sharing his journey through the 90-day muscle shred challenge and his renewed commitment to himself and his Alpha ways.

Check out the story of Arturo Gutierrez…


Before Over 40 Alpha


“I’m back to work on the phases of Alpha Plus.
It's actually my 2nd time going through Alpha Plus as the last 2 years were very up and down and i struggled with consistency.
So im picking up where left off. ”


After the Over 40 Alpha


“I really needed this challenge because after kicking ass the first 2 years in the brotherhood complacency had set in and i got back into some old habits that had gotten me out of shape to begin with. I started the challenge at 186lbs and ended at 178.
My body feels and looks more fit and im getting my mojo back.

Today I'm 177lbs, with 13% body fat and a total testosterone score of 717, at 56yo and 6’0”.

Super happy with my results. Im feeling great and put on some muscle!
I can tell you that its much easier to put the weight back on than it is to lose it!

Just trying to maintain was not enough… Without a clear direction and a plan its hard to stay on track.

That's why i am so thankful for this program, Coach Funk Roberts and all the members of this brotherhood.

Everything is tied together…

From the mindset to the nutrition to the workouts, sleep and recovery, supplements and participation in the facebook group as well as the accountability.
If any one of the components are missing, you, I, we are going to struggle.

Funk has laid out the formula for success, we just have to follow it.”



“Remember it's a marathon and not a sprint. Trust the process and be patient. Let's keep getting it done brothers!

I can honestly say that if you stick to the program, follow, be true to yourself, and don't cut corner, you WILL get the results you’re looking for and you will be in this program for the rest of your life.

It is a life changer. It is a journey. We’re in it for the long haul guys.”


Congratulations, Arturo! We appreciate you leading the charge in the brotherhood, and keeping the energy and motivation alive for everyone!



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