Finding Life, Brotherhood, and Accountability in the Alpha 40 Journey

Alpha Transformations



Today, we shine the spotlight on our 61-year-old brother, who has been a member of the brotherhood for nearly four years. He has consistently demonstrated the effectiveness of the Alpha system, showcasing a more muscular and lean physique than ever before following the fasting challenge.


Check out the story of Kazz Dunkley…


Before Over 40 Alpha


“I was at the stage in my life were i was not happy with my appearance, and had no inner strength in my body & mind. I weighed in at 95 kg, 11% BMI and a 36” waist

I remember looking in my wardrobe… acknowledging how women felt… with all these garments in front of me, but unable to find something that fit to wear. Looking in the mirror was this pot bellied geezer reminiscing on the body that once was!!

I remember I was having a hard time with my business & martial problems with my partner at the time. I was abusing my body & my soul.

Then came the pandemic came …. which stopped all of us in our track.

In an effort to boost my immune system… I came across one of Funk’s video …. and it just clicked …. I took the opportunity to get out and exercise!!!

But I felt like hey … haven’t we been here already.. ???

But I felt Funk’s integrity of the workouts …. and what captured me was the additional information such as the science behind the workouts, nutrition, mindset, sleep, recovery…. a WHY ….a Brotherhood.. I wasn’t alone.”


After the Over 40 Alpha


“I am feeling alive mentally, physically, spiritually….all thanks to finding this Alpha 40 brotherhood…… it has actually changed my life around being accountable for how us Men should live.

Now after the fasting challenge I am noticing a leaner torso and thinner legs after weighing 86kg at the start of FLC, now down to 83.2 kg.

Funks fasting challenge has definitely helped me lose some of my bloatedness in my abs, muscle looks learner, and so happy to look good in my tee shirts.”



“It’s a new lifestyle way brothers, embrace it as simple as breathing.

My inspirational quote is: it’s not in our DNA to self-sabotage it’s a learned behaviour!!!

Apply these O40A principles ….. and you will see the gradual changes in your body & mind …taking you into your lean later years!!

In life if you want to be better yourself… you stick around like-minded people.

O40A is de ting”


Congratulations on your achievements during the fasting challenge, and we look forward to the continued gains in the next phase of the challenge. Thank you for serving as a role model for men worldwide.



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