Finding Joy in Fitness, Shedding Fat, and Reigniting Passion for a Focused and Energized Self

Alpha Transformations



Let's spotlight our 50-year-old brother today, as he confidently steps into the Alpha Zone with an impressive 11% body fat and testosterone levels exceeding 600 ng/dl! His abs are becoming more defined, and the fat is melting away with each phase.


Check out the story of Ruben Martinez…


Before Over 40 Alpha


“I was skinny fat and didn’t know what to do to change that, everything seemed to fail even the things that worked in the past. I was losing motivation because training was not getting results nor was it fun, so what was the purpose? My sexual drive was always high but seemed that it was starting to decrease as well…”


After the Over 40 Alpha


“Training was fun again so I stuck to it and started to gain stamina, lose belly fat, and even feel a higher sexual drive again! I feel more energized and more focused, not only when I train but at work too, and in life in general. I feel that I’m a better version of myself and I’m motivated to keep improving.”



“Rely on the program, rely on the process, focus on today’s training, each set, each rep, and enjoy it. Feel how your body is feeling, working and looking better than a few weeks or months ago, and just focus on the set you are doing.

Feel the tiredness and the pain and learn to enjoy it because it’s your way to your goals.”


Thanks for sharing your journey, Ruben! Your story is genuinely inspiring, embodying true Alpha spirit.



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