Celebrating One Year with 17lbs Shed, 12% Body Fat, and a Renewed Energy for Life

Alpha Transformations



Presenting our 41-year-old American brother, who has shed 17 pounds, sculpted his physique to an impressive 12% body fat, effortlessly keeps pace with his energetic kids, and proudly flaunts his remarkable Alpha Abs. Welcome to the ranks of our newest Alpha OG!


Check out the story of Alpha OG, Adam Frank…


Before Over 40 Alpha


“My life seemed to be going nowhere.

I drank alcohol pretty much daily.

I have 2 young children that I couldn’t keep up with. 

I’d pull muscles very easily doing simple tasks my energy level was low and so was my motivation.”


After the Over 40 Alpha


“Now that I’m officially 1 year into this journey, the way I feel has changed tremendously!

I’ve lost 17lbs my body fat is about 12/13%. 

I have a lot more energy I seldom pull muscles anymore. 

I run around playing with my kids and don't have pain in my knees anymore when I’m done.

I’ve adopted the get it done mentality for pretty much everything I do and I’m forever grateful for finding this program. Funk you've changed my life so much for the better thanks for all that you do! And to the Brotherhood your posts and all your insight and ideas have helped me tremendously in my journey! Thanks to all of you as well please keep it up!”



“Follow the program and you will see the results.

Join the FB group all the brother on there will help you with many of the questions you may have. Funk is also very active in the group and even has weekly hangouts on FB live so you can ask him any questions. Nutrition is key so that was a little challenging for me at the beginning but after a couple months you’ll find your go to meals and it becomes easier. And make sure you have a solid “why” as to why you’re doing this. That alone will help you tremendously on the tough low motivation days.”


Thank you for sharing your journey, Adam! You absolutely crushed it in your first year!



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