Boosted Energy, Fat Loss, and Enhanced Discipline with O40A

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Today, we highlight our 47-year-old American brother who has impressively shed significant belly fat and revealed his abs during the first five phases of O40A.

Check out the story of Dee Ellis…


Before Over 40 Alpha


“Before joining O40A I felt slow and always tired.
I struggled with maintaining energy levels and staying active throughout the day.”


After the Over 40 Alpha


“Since starting the program, I’ve experienced a significant increase in energy levels.
I’ve lost stubborn belly fat, become more active and have put on more muscle.
My goal is to focus more on recovery, which has helped with definition in my physique and strengthening my mindset.
I have a stronger sense of discipline that has spilled over into other areas of life as well.
I’ve also increased my water intake, which has helped.”



“Get it done.”
Commitment and dedication are key to achieving your desired results.”


Congratulations on your progress over the first 5 months, Dee! I'm confident those abs will be showing by the end of the One Year to Alpha program!



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