Alpha Spotlight: Victor Cut Weight To 30lbs In O40A

Alpha Spotlight




The limelight is center to our 55-year-old brother from California who lost 30lbs, dropped 4 sizes in his waist, 2 sizes in shirts, and became a living proof of being an Over 40 ALPHA!

All praise to Victor Myles!

Here's his incredibly inspiring story…


Before Over 40 Alpha


Before the O40A Program, I was in need of recovery.

I had several injuries and surgeries that I needed to heal from.

I was overweight and I know I had low testosterone.

I did understand that it would take some time to rebuild what had been torn down over the years…

As an Army veteran, college football player, and track runner I already had experienced some injuries in the past…

I experienced 3 ruptured Achilles heel surgeries, a torn rotator cuff and bicep tear, sciatic nerve damage in my back, a TBI, 2 blood clots, hernia repair, massive ankle sprains, and other small knick-knacks here and there. Because of what my body had already gone through it was literally hanging on by a thread in some cases, lol.

What I wasn't prepared for was the future that came along with working, being a husband, and a father.

Once I joined the program and really put the meal plan to work, I saw significant results unfold right before my eyes.

People started telling me I looked different, and that was when I knew it was working.”


After the Over 40 Alpha


​​I started the One Year to Alpha at 255lbs

And am now sitting at 225.

My testosterone was below average,

I was tired and taking naps every day.

I didn't have a clear focus on what my future looked like health-wise, but I did know that something had to change and that something was me if I wanted to be around to be a part of my grandchildren's lives, plus live a quality senior life.

Now I'm stronger, wiser, and better.

Being tired is no longer an issue and my Testosterone levels are much, much higher.

I love the way my clothes fit, I've gone down 4 inches in my waist and 2 sizes in my shirts.

Most of all I've become a walking billboard of what success can look like at this age when you put in the work

The way I feel…

The confidence that I have…

The way that I look and the way others see me and my stature…

This has become a life journey for me, and I'm excited to see what life looks like at the top of 56!”



It works if you do the work.

It's not easy, but it's been simplified.

Focus on the goal and not the process, until you don't even notice yourself before O40Alpha.”


Thank you for sharing Victor! We're excited to feature your journey again after Alpha PRIME!

#GID all the way! 



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