Alpha Spotlight: Unveiling Meaningful Transformations Through Alpha Plus

Alpha Transformations



Today, we're highlighting a 56-year-old Australian friend who's been a recognizable presence among us for the last three years. He's rediscovered his vigor through the One Year to Alpha program, and now we have the opportunity to showcase the remarkable changes in his life following the completion of year two, Alpha PLUS!

Check out the story of Paul Proctor…


Before Over 40 Alpha


“I had tried just about every diet and program and thinking about it, I had been a dieting ‘junkie' for 30 years, the legacy of early life in professional sport.

After reaching 50 I found myself divorced, a single dad with young kids and pretty much given up on ever feeling good about myself ever again. 

Emotional eating, daily alcohol consumption and ‘fast' diet solutions became the trap I had fallen into after my separation. 

I reached rock bottom when I took the weight loss drug Duromine. I lost weight but the side effects were horrendous…

Most notable being insomnia, depression and the total loss of any sex drive. I honestly felt pathetic. 

I looked at my kids, my life and knew something had to change dramatically….. It is no exaggeration that I feared for the future for myself and my children.

Then, I saw an ad for O40Alpha on FB.

I joined initially for $1 and ‘the light in the room turned on’ for the first time in many years. 

From the first day it gave me purpose. 

I set my ‘why's' for doing the program and I committed ‘heart and soul'. 

Honestly, ‘this program aside from the physical gains achieved is the best thing any man over 40 can do for his general outlook on life, health and mental well being as he ages'…. I stand by that statement.”


After the Over 40 Alpha


“Alpha plus was where I got my best results from the over 40 program to date. In all areas of my life I saw ‘meaningful' transformation. 

In some respects it was also one of the toughest years of my life on a personal level. 

The bottom line is, with the support of some amazing brothers within this group (you know who you are) and the support of this amazing men's community, I managed through it all to keep working out, despite struggles, bad days and demons. Kept being lifted up by this incredible brotherhood of men and finished in a great place both physically and mentally. 

This is a place for lifelong improvement…. Not simply about looking good. 

Alpha plus reinforced, life is not easy, it is a challenge… it is how we rise to face it, that makes the difference! 

My life has been an amazing roller coaster of incredible highs and lows, from a career in two professional sports to horrific injury, and personal sacrifices morally but, O40A is a ‘constant' of ‘continual growth and betterment', in mind, body and soul.

It has certainly been a journey. 3 years in this group and I am a long way from where I started. I was thinking about this very question, just the other day! 

The conclusion I came to was, O40A has added ‘value' to how I view myself, in all areas of my life. I am stronger in both mind and body, than I have been in 25 years. 

I know my worth to myself, my family and to others. It has proven to me that age ‘is just a number' and we, as older Alpha men have much to contribute to society on all levels…. And there is no reason for men in their 40′, 50's, 60's and beyond, to feel they have nothing more to add, that we must shield ourselves from the world and, ‘go Quietly away'…

We owe it to ourselves to aspire to better.”



“I know it has been said. This is not a program… It is a way of life.

Honestly, it took me 12 months to really accept that idea, if I am honest. ‘this is the way life is from now on'. Workouts, nutrition, Supplementation, mindset, self-improvement. You cannot opt in or opt out, make excuses and think things will change on a whim. My advice to new brothers is this; Don't just say you are ‘in', ‘be in! and mean it. Otherwise, you look back, look for excuses, look for who to blame why you have not made significant changes in yourself…. The buck lies with you brothers!”


Congratulations, Paul, on the tremendous growth you've experienced in seemingly every facet of your life!



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