Alpha Spotlight: Transformative Journey of A 63-Year-Old In The One Year to Alpha Challenge

Alpha Transformations



We turn our spotlight to a 63-year-old American member of our community. He stands as one of the newest individuals to successfully complete the One Year to Alpha Challenge, earning the prestigious title of ALPHA OG.

Throughout the entire year-long journey, he dedicated himself solely to bodyweight exercises. As a result, he has now achieved muscle definition that had eluded him for many years. 

Check out the story of Gene Peterson…


Before Over 40 Alpha


“I came in initially to improve my balance, strength and coordination. I felt a couple of years back that I was losing a step, missing steps on stairways, and even stumbling on uneven ground, things that had not been a concern in the past…

I thought i was in pretty good shape as a 60-year-old because my work keeps me moving and lifting throughout most days.”


After the Over 40 Alpha


​”I'm 6′ tall and now weigh 190lbs.

Weight loss was not a primary concern as I started the plan around 196, however I did drop to 180 for a few days early on.

Then the weight began to move around.

My niece is a chiropractor and had told me in the past that I suffered from FBS (flat butt syndrome). I now have a butt!

I fixed that!

Then I noticed my shoulders filling out and showing definition that didn't exist for 45 years. I had knee surgery twice as a teen so lacking leg strength has been a lifelong issue. I had a total knee replacement 10 years ago that has been a game changer for me, nearly full function has been returned to me that was missing since i was 15.

Now, after thousands of squats (which I enjoy immensely) and lunges I have definition in my quads that has NEVER been present until Funk worked me over!!

People notice my changes and ask about my weight loss I tell them “i just rearranged the weight”

I've been quite consistent in the workouts in that I've missed only a few in the last 12 months. That has helped me to focus on doing other tasks and jobs to full completion instead of procrastinating, I eat much better eliminating a lot of simple carbs

My thinking has also improved, instead of fearing a negative future, I'm in a better mindset to allow life to bring it on. I plan ahead more so than before FUNKS plan!”



“This plan works very well!

It is not complex and it is easy to follow.

Stick to it and be aggressively patient!


Appreciate you demonstrating the capabilities of an Alpha over 60, Gene! Here's the remarkable prospects that Alpha Plus holds for you!



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