Alpha Spotlight: Tony Has Shown Huge Progress In O40A





We are featuring an American brother who recently leveled up as an ALPHA OG!

He has endured his way to getting his body back and has made tremendous progress!


Check out the story of our newest Alpha, Tony Balisacan!


Before Over 40 Alpha


I did what I wanted…

I slept when I wanted…

I ate & drank what I wanted…

I worked out when I wanted…

Even though I already knew to eat right and not overtrain, I only practiced it off & on- mostly off.

I was always into sports and then martial arts but as I got older my 6 pack started turning into a keg and I was always tired.

At 44 years old and 170 pounds (heavy for me), Father Time proved to me that I couldn’t out-train my bad diet (and habits) anymore!

So to reduce my growing belly and increase my energy, I joined the Over 40 Alpha Brotherhood.

Now on the O40A plan, I continued my martial arts training 5 days a week until I injured my knee.

To rehab my knee I put martial arts on hold and started doing the entire Over 40 Alpha program to get stronger and prevent future injuries.

It opened my eyes to how weak I truly was and now here I am 14 Phases later and a LIFETIME member!!


After the Over 40 Alpha


​​“I still do what I want but now with an Alpha Mindset!

I still sleep when I want but now get at least 7 hours of sleep and focus on recovery!

I still eat & drink what I want but now it’s healthy Alpha meals!

I still workout when I want but now only do Alpha workouts!

I haven’t weighed myself since Phase 4 and honestly don’t know when I will again!

The Over 40 Alpha program is a complete program with convenient follow along videos that has improved my life teaching/showing me how to be an Alpha Male all in one program!

It’s a great journey that my Wifey has also joined me on which has given me even more motivation to Get It Done and hold each other accountable.

Much thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Coach (Funk & Angela) and Team Alpha for all you do for us in the Brotherhood!!”



“Stay committed! Commitment unlocks the doors of the impossible.

To commit to something is also about passion. Keep getting it done passionately!”



Tony, continue getting it done in the Alpha PLUS!  Thank you for sharing your journey. 



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