Alpha Spotlight: Shedding Inches From The Waist And Adding Inches To The Confidence In O40A

Alpha Transformations



We turn our spotlight to a resilient 50-year-old gentleman from South Africa who has completed Phase 9 of the ‘One Year to Alpha' program. His achievements go beyond shedding belly fat, as he has also managed to reduce his dependence on blood pressure and pre-diabetic medications!

Check out the story of Michael Hill…


Before Over 40 Alpha


“I had reached a stage where I was just going with the flow. 

I was getting lazy and just laying around too often.

I battled with motivation and started feeling depressed with my fitness and my waist was getting too flabby.”


After the Over 40 Alpha


“I’ve lost at least 5 cm in my waist and gained about 5 cm in my chest.

I feel healthier and after doctor visits things are starting to look better as

I stopped taking my blood pressure and pre-diabetic medication daily and only took it on rare occasions. After my tests it was found my blood pressure is down and my sugar levels are down and I still have six months stock of medication.

Overall I feel much better, I even have had positive comments from work colleagues.”



“Give it your all, even when you fail get up and try again tomorrow. Ask for help in the brotherhood as there are many willing to help.”


Congratulations on your victories, Michael! Keep the GID push!



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