Alpha Spotlight: Reggie Barnes Got His 6 Pack

Over 40 Alpha




We are turning the spotlight on a brother who finished the One Year to Alpha recently with a new body, a new outlook, a new career, and a SIX PACK!

Battling injuries and still completing the 12 months in Alpha fashion…

Let’s give it up for Reggie Barnes!


Before Over 40 Alpha


Two years ago, I was unhappy and unhealthy, professionally burned out and personally unfulfilled.

Then after some very sobering realizations, I decided to walk away from a successful 23-year career and start over in another industry.

I was a heavy drinker and ate just about anything.

At my heaviest, I was 214 lbs but I had gotten down to about 204 by the time I started the 30-Day Challenge.

Despite my aches and pains, I enjoyed the workouts and felt myself getting stronger.

By the end of the Challenge, my body felt better and I had leaned up considerably, so I decided to join the full Over 40 Shred Brotherhood.

After starting a new career as a fitness trainer and sports performance coach, I knew that my health and fitness would be the best representation for my business, so I got more disciplined with the program.

I cut out the alcohol, stuck to the nutrition plan, and pushed myself in the workouts.

I sustained a few injuries along the way but I was healthier than I had been in decades.

My confidence had improved and my mood was much better than over the past few years.



After the Over 40 Alpha


“Through the first few phases of the program, I had shed about 12% of body fat and gained quite a bit of muscle mass.

But a few days into Phase 10, I contracted Covid-19 and had to stop training completely.

I also could not train my athletes.

My body hurt and I was fatigued all the time.

All I could do was lie in bed.

During that time, I lost a lot of muscle and my fitness level decreased dramatically.

After about a month, I resumed training.

Then a week into starting Phase 12, I sustained a very serious double knee injury while demonstrating activity for my athletes.

I stopped training again because I could barely walk.

I subsequently let my nutrition go again.

Three weeks later, I resumed training and started Phase 12 again.

In the past, I would not have returned to training so quickly after injuries or sickness.

Now that I am entering the last week of Phase 13, I am feeling strong physically and mentally again.

I owe it all to my faith, my family, and the mindset work I have been doing as a member of the O40A Brotherhood!!

My knees still hurt, but they are getting much better as I continue to push myself.

I have a long way to go to reach my goal of competing as a Master’s athlete, but I know that one day the pain will go away and I will get there!



“My advice to the new brothers is to TRUST THE PROCESS!!

O40A isn’t an exercise program or a men’s club.

It’s a new way of life you have to commit to on bad days as well as good days.

Life happens but Alpha men are built to overcome the challenges.

No matter what happens, stay committed!!

Believe in yourself, embrace your higher power, lean on the brothers when things get hard and you will prevail!

We #GetItDone!!



Amen to that brother Reggie!

The sooner you can see this not as a fitness routine but as a daily habit of your character, a lifestyle that will make the next 40 years better than the last…

That’s when the daily decisions become easier to make.

That’s when you start to become bulletproof to what life throws at you.

Congrats on the new life ahead of you Reggie in your body, career, mindset… all over the board!

You’re a beacon of what’s possible.



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