Alpha Spotlight: Mychael Is At His Best Shape At 55

Alpha Transformations




We are featuring our 55-year-old American brother who lost significant weight and is now enjoying his pants size 30. 

He is at his high school size! 

Check the story of Mychael Thompson!

Before Over 40 Alpha


“Life before the O40A was slow.

I was lazy and was not doing anything about my type 2 diabetes.

I started this program at 185 lbs wearing large or even extra-large shirts and a size 36 waist.”


After the Over 40 Alpha


​​“My life is now great.

After one year at Alpha, I’ve lost weight….I'm now 156 lbs, wearing small shirts.

My pants size is now size 30.

I never thought I would be in the best shape of my life at 55!

I haven't been this size since high school.

My focus now is just being that Alpha for my family, a man that my wife is proud of and a father that my sons look up to!!”



When you think about not exercising or eating unhealthy, remember why you started this in the first place.”



A great effort in the O40A! Thank you, Mychael for sharing your story.

Stay feeling young and strong! 


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