Alpha Spotlight: Mitchell Dropped 23lbs And Increased His Energy Level In O40A

Alpha Transformations




We are featuring our 38-year-old brother who has lost 23lbs and 8 pant sizes in his one-year ride through the O40A!

Check out the story of Alpha OG, Mitchell Lebron!


Before Over 40 Alpha


“My life before O40A was wasting away.

I had no drive or motivation to do anything better for myself.

I was only focused on my “relaxation” of video games and TV.

Of course with that came drinking and eating a lot of unhealthy snacks and junk food.

The only thing that mattered was me, despite having a family that needed to count on me.”


After the Over 40 Alpha


​​“I had a very rough 12 months with a lot of sicknesses and personal problems, but I never slowed.

To be honest, at one point I'm pretty sure that if it was not for the Brotherhood keeping me focused I would have done something irreversible to myself.

I started the program at a flabby 231lbs, 42 pant size, and XL shirt.

At my lowest, I went to 193lbs, but I believe that was stress-related.

However, as of today, I am 208lbs, a 34 pant size, and an L shirt that my chest and arms are almost busting out of.

My coworker of 4 years actually said I have guns for arms now!

There are so many benefits now it isn't funny.

I love the attention I get from my wife now.

You can read into that all you want!!

I also have energy for days!!”



Trust the process and get it done.

Good things are worth the struggle and pain.

Nothing worth doing was ever easy”



It’s your dedication and consistency that bring inspiration to the brotherhood! Way to go, Mitchell!

Here’s to another great chapter Alpha brother! Let’s GID together! 


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