Alpha Spotlight: Mark Kunkel’s 90-Day Alpha Journey

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In just 90 days! This 57-year-old brother from Kentucky has been able to deflate a basketball in his belly. So deserving of the spotlight! 


Check out his awesome journey…


Before Over 40 Alpha


“Before the O40A program, I would workout, but not consistently and without any kind of plan.

Furthermore, I had some terrible eating habits.

Essentially, I would sit on the couch after dinner and snack for the rest of the night until I went to bed.

The only way for me to stop eating that bag of M&Ms was to finish it!

Then, in March 2021 two things converged to get me on the right path: first, my son and his girlfriend got engaged; and, I discovered Funk's program.

Now, I had the goal of getting in shape for the wedding and I had a plan I could follow.

I had actually seen Funk's YouTube videos and had even done some of his workouts. In general, I liked the relatively simple balanced meal approach to nutrition, but I saw a video about intermittent fasting and that scared me away for a while.

But, finally, in March 2021, I decided to sign up for the 30-day trial and give it a try.

I have to say that it was one of the best decisions of my life. I love the fitness and nutrition path I am on now and I never want to turn back.

Furthermore, while I was initially motivated to get started because of the goal of getting in shape for my son's wedding, the exercise at the beginning of Phase 1 of really digging deep and finding my “Why” has really helped to see me through this first 90 days and, I believe, will help to sustain me for the long run.

As I have aged, I've been prescribed various meds to combat my high cholesterol and high blood pressure. While some of my need for those meds may be hereditary, my nutrition and inconsistent exercise certainly weren't helping.

What is also great about the O40A program is all of the educational materials, videos, and first-hand testimony from Funk and the Brotherhood which is teaching me that I may be able to wean myself off of these meds through good nutrition and consistent exercise.



After the Over 40 Alpha

“Results are in inches and pounds.

WAIST Before: 44″ / After Phase 3: 40″

RT THIGH Before: 23.5″ / After Phase 3: 22″

LFT THIGH Before: 23.5″ / After Phase 3: 22.5″

RT ARM Before: 15″ / After Phase 3: 14″

LFT ARM Before: 15″ / After Phase 3: 14″

CHEST Before: 47″ / After Phase 3: 43″

BODYWEIGHT Before: 245.6 lbs / After: 218 lbs

BODY FAT Before: 26.6% / After: 7.67% *

My wardrobe options have improved significantly. I can now wear many of the clothes in my closet that I have not been able to wear for a long time.

My current rotation of pants is falling off of me and I am finding that I have to cinch up my belt much more. These are great problems to have!

I have tons of energy and I feel much better about myself.

I am so pumped about being on a program that has a prescribed plan and has demonstrated real results for others and for me. While I have some fitness and health goals, I've really tried to refrain from saying I want to lose a certain amount of weight. Instead, I am just trusting the process and, thus far, I'm very pleased with the progress I am making.

My overarching goal right now is to never turn back and to see if I can wean myself off of the cholesterol and high blood pressure meds.

I feel like before joining the O40A program I had a “Get it Done” attitude.

In my life and in my job, I have learned that if you have someone else you can lean on for help, or to bail you out of a situation, you will.

But, since becoming the primary breadwinner of my household (many years ago), raising, along with my wife, three great sons, and seeing myself through some employment challenges several years ago, I have learned that I have to get it done every day.

This O40A program has helped me to focus some more on my own health and get it done for myself so that I can remain as healthy and vibrant as possible so that I can keep providing for myself and my family.

What helps me tremendously is to see all of the other O40A brothers out there doing the same and letting me know that I'm not alone as we all seek to conquer each day's challenges.



Dig deep and find your “WHY”

Follow the process.

See and celebrate incremental progress and victories along the way so you can remain motivated to continue.

Don't get discouraged if you don't see the progress you thought you should have seen.

Keep moving forward and work to solve today's problem and meet today's challenge.


Mark, thank you for sharing your strong 90-day journey. 

Your inspiration will surely give hope to keep moving forward and achieving the Alpha state.

Go for GID! 


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