Alpha Spotlight: Lawrence Has Developed Core Strength And Stability

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The spotlight is on our 44-year-old American brother who has strengthened his shoulders and prevented injuries.  

Aside from that, he has established a healthy lifestyle which is a health-promoting behavior pattern that has given him a robust core. 

Read the story of our Alpha brother, Lawrence Backman!

Before Over 40 Alpha


“Before O40A, I considered myself skinny fat.

I didn't have any muscle mass and just wasn't in good shape.

I'm a tennis player, and serving had become a painful experience.

I had torn the labrum in my left shoulder and had that surgically repaired.

I was about a year post-surgery and felt like the PT that I had done was helpful, but I still wasn't very strong in my shoulder.

And to top it off… I had recently strained my other shoulder from a heavy lift, and signs were good that I potentially had a minor labrum tear there now.

I really didn't want to do surgery again (recovery was soooo hard!) so I thought that improving my strength in the shoulder, and all areas, could be enough to offset the tear and potentially be symptom-free.”


After the Over 40 Alpha


​​“My results have been very good in this program.

I have lost any bit of fat on my body I had and my waist size has gone down from a 33 to a 31.

I joined to help strengthen my shoulders to avoid surgery and it totally worked!

The shoulder strength that I gained through this program, and overall conditioning helped alleviate that pain and I could again serve a tennis ball without wincing in pain.

My body is much stronger and I feel much more balanced overall.

I feel healthy and fit, and I love the new routine.

I have also really liked the approach to nutrition.

I didn't do any of the supplements (wanted to go all natural, so it was sustainable for me), but just keeping my foods to the go-to's has been easy and effective.

I can't think about a meal any longer without thinking in my head – protein, complex carbs, veggies, fats.

It's ingrained now and really helps ensure balanced plates which is key.

This program has given me a great routine and pace throughout the week.

I'm at a place now, where I'm almost sad on rest days because I know how good my body feels after doing a workout.

I crave pushing myself hard.

I love the ab and core workouts and they have really worked well – my core feels rock solid and it brings about a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction with the level of fitness I've achieved.”



Get it Done!

You won't regret it.

The other thing I learned thru this journey, was to ease into the new phases.

There were probably 3 different times, where about week 2 I tweaked a muscle and had to delay the phase for a week, to recover.

And this was especially crucial, regarding leg exercises – to protect my knees.

I would encourage men to take it slow when you start ramping up weight for squats and lunges. I feel like even just doing bodyweight squats and lunges are super effective and can build good lean muscle.”



Thank you for sharing your journey, Lawrence. 

Keep getting it done in the next chapter! 


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