Alpha Spotlight: Kevin Has Recovered A Stronger Mental Capacity And Focus In The O40A

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We are turning the spotlight on our 65-year-old brother from the UK.

Age is just a number! He has lost his tummy tire and has achieved the physical benefits and mental focus in the O40A. 

Check the story of our Over 60 Alpha OG, Kevin Hall!


Before Over 40 Alpha


“Life before was restricted.

I had a weak back, weak arms, and weak legs.

I still work fully chained to a desk and my focus in life has been poor.”


After the Over 40 Alpha


​​“After the first year in O40A I have lost 10lbs and now feel in control…

My waist has reduced by 2”.

My arms, chest, and core feel and are noticeably stronger.

Working out is now part of my life and always will be.

The physical benefit is clearly seen!

For me, my focus and mental capacity, which were naturally declining due to age, have now improved as much as it is possible to do and feel much better!

I am now an early riser (5am is my normal now) which allows me to get it done.

I’m also now very aware of the mental and physical benefits of drinking lots of water.

And my nutrition mindfulness, I’m now more aware than ever before of the importance of nutrition, have I got it completely right?

No, but I’m aware and it’s a work in progress in the right direction.”



Don’t give up, the O40A is a road truly worth being on!

Get it done!!!”



Without a doubt, age is just a number. It carries no weight. The real weight is in impacts and influence.

The truth is that an Alpha can do it at any age. You’ve proven it, Kevin! Thank you for sharing your marvelous story. 


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