Alpha Spotlight: Joshua Has Gained Muscle Growth And Lost 40lbs

Over40 Alpha Transformations



We highlight our 46-year-old brother who dropped almost 40lbs in one year to Alpha and started gaining abs!

Check the story of Joshua Burison…


Before Over 40 Alpha


“All I can say is WOW!

I thank God for this O40A program; before this program, I tried all sorts of workouts routines that promised weight loss and muscle growth, but all I got was fatigue, no muscle growth, and no weight loss.

But through O40A I have seen satisfying results and I feel GREAT!”


After the Over 40 Alpha


​​”Before O40A: I was 250 lbs.

After O40A: I am now 213 lbs!

Since I've been getting it done; I'm more energetic and stronger.

Also, I'm starting to see muscle growth and fat loss which is a big motivator to keep getting it done!

It’s getting easier to stay focused, motivated, and consistent no matter how tough the task.”



“And to all the new brothers; don't get discouraged if the weight scale doesn't move right away.

Just keep taking pictures: 1 Pic at the beginning of the phase and 1 at the end of the phase.

I guarantee you will see a difference.

Now, get it done and never give up!”


Thank you for sharing your Alpha journey, Joshua! 

Here’s to a stronger year 2 in Alpha Zone! 


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