Alpha Spotlight: John Has Kicking T Levels In The Alpha Zone




We are turning the spotlight on our 58-year-old American brother who was able to drop 35lbs in the first year, and with over 700 Testosterone levels and under 15% body fat now in the ALPHA ZONE!

Read the story of John Edward Jones!


Before Over 40 Alpha


Before joining the O40A, I had back surgery in November 2019.

I then went through a divorce proceeding.

Then I was in a car accident three months later.

I could not do any exercise for 6 months and even then, I could not lift weights.

I ended up gaining 30+ pounds and became very weak.”


After the Over 40 Alpha


​​“I started the program in March of 2021.

My results after the first 12 months were awesome.

I lost 35 pounds and my body fat reduced to 13%.

I went from a pants size 38 to 30.

My testosterone increased from 612 to 730.

I never had high blood pressure. My average readings are 114 over 77, all healthy!

My biggest benefit with the O40A program is that my memory and attention span have enhanced greatly.

I knew my body shape would change for the better but, I did not expect my mind would be so clear and focused.”



My advice to all my brothers…follow the system and know your body.

Be patient and get plenty of rest”


Absolute beast of a transformation, John!

Keep getting it done and focusing on just 1% better each day, that's 37x per year!


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