Alpha Spotlight: Jeffrey Has Achieved A Stronger Core And Increased Muscle Growth In O40A

Alpha Transformations




We turn the spotlight on our 54-year-old American brother who has dropped 17 pounds of fat and is enjoying a holistic health and wellness boost.Β 

Check the story of our committed Alpha OG, Jeffrey Lampkin!


Before Over 40 Alpha


β€œMy biggest problem before starting this program was snacking and overindulging in sweets (e.g., cake, ice cream, candy, etc.)

The biggest motivator to change my body was when I discovered Funk's workout routines on YouTube, and I was inspired to see the great results of countless men in my age group who participated in your program.”


After the Over 40 Alpha


β€‹β€‹β€œIn the first year of the O40A, I lost 17lbs of fat & 13 inches!

My body fat is down 8mm (caliper).

I have increased energy, stronger abs/core, more stamina, increased muscle development, clothes fitting looser, decreased visceral/belly fat, decreased joint pain & an overall improvement in health/wellness.

I am more focused, disciplined, and committed to achieving the best body & health possible and I am most proud of eating the right foods to achieve my fitness goals.

Also, learning the importance of proper recovery to increase health & reduce injury has really helped the journey.”



Don't compare yourself to anyone but the former you.

Follow the plan that has been laid out for you.

Trust the process because it works.”



Alpha leader aims for a strong finish – you did it, Jeffrey!

Thank you for leading by example and using your influencer to generate excitement, spark ideas and make things happen in the brotherhood.


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