Alpha Spotlight: Gregory Antikian Drops 22lbs And Becomes A Greek Alpha

Over 40 Alpha




The spotlight is centered on our 42-year-old brother from Greece!

He did the 30DC, then all 12 phases, he crushed the live challenges and even some hypertrophy training in between it all.

Loudest cheers and applause for an Alpha OG- Gregory Antikian

Check his story…


Before Over 40 Alpha


“I would describe my life before the O40A as inactive, to say the least! No energy to workout, no will to change my nutritional habits, and those two factors led to me starting to add more fat and leaving me with the memories of how I “used to be”, years ago.

I was struggling to just “lose” weight with no real plan.

I was snacking, having a drink often, and with no motivation at all!

That was the biggest pet peeve for me was simply the lack of motivation.

So covid hit as I was trying to lift my spirits, trying to make my mentality better in every aspect and trying to find a way to do something about my physical state also.

Then I found Funk on YouTube following some bodyweight workouts.

I jumped into the 30-day challenge and the changes became obvious before the end of the challenge, not only in my eyes but also in my family and friends too.

And I was hooked!!!


After the Over 40 Alpha


So far I've lost around 10kgs! (22 lbs)

I'm more lean, cut and I've added a bit of muscle as well.

Being a “hard-gainer” hasn’t been easy but I stayed focused!

I've also gone down two sizes in general in my wardrobe.

My T Levels went up and I keep monitoring them.

This year in the brotherhood has made me stronger not only physically but also mentally!

I pursue new goals in my life, I am far more locked on target when it’s needed, more disciplined, more positive, and that I can achieve my goals.

I don’t feel like a loser but an Alpha, with respect, discipline, and determination.

I’m more committed to my health and my family’s well-being in a deeper way.

Funk and the whole Brotherhood is a huge inspiration for me to learn about new things that have to do with the body and mental health, strive for the best, facing difficulties with a plan, even if stress is getting huge, planning, getting things done, and eventually, hopefully, become a better person…for me and for the peoples around me.



Trust the process!

Trust our Coach, Friend, and Brother, Funk !!!

Ask for guidance and help from your Brothers, there's plenty of those! Stay focused!!!

Have clear, realistic goals, set your path to hitting those goals, and never forget that this is a LIFESTYLE!

A marathon, not a sprint!!

Not everyone can have sculpted abs in a month….we are all different but we are all the same…Alpha Males and Brothers!!!“


Thank you for sharing Greg. The brotherhood is stronger because of great gents like yourself.

We are sweating together. We are stronger together. 

Keep Getting It Done !!



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