Alpha Spotlight: Derrick Donelson Achieved Shredded Abs

Over 40 Alpha Transformation




Let us celebrate a brother who’s not even halfway through the O40A.

Today isn’t a celebration of fat loss and belt hole dropping…

This is for those Alpha’s who’ve been in shape and needed that extra push that comes from having the Funkster and the brotherhood in your corner to make the next 40 years better than the last.


A 51-year-old determined brother from Tennessee!

The spotlight is on for Derrick Donelson

Read his story…

Before Over 40 Alpha


“ I call this “Living with a Baker”…

You’re probably wondering why I gave this story that particular title.

Well, in my journey of fitness, I developed a lot of discipline, commitment, and running.

I don’t mean running on a treadmill either… I mean running from the kitchen. LOL

Before COVID came along, my wife and I owned a bakery for over 8 years.

Working long stressful hours and being on your feet continuously.

It was a challenge for me to stay in shape or workout for that matter.

My rest was limited and I ate whatever I could due to no set schedule or proper prepping of meals.

Man, we did the best we could and ate whenever you got a chance too.

However, my wife is an amazing cook and a BAKER!! OMG! You hear people say, I don’t eat much sweets or sweets are not my thing. Let me tell you now, THEY JUST HAVEN’T HAD THE RIGHT ONE!

People used to tell me often how do you stay so thin and not weigh 2 or 300 pounds with all this goodness you guys are selling.

I said it takes a lot of discipline and sometimes running as fast as you could away.

Let me say this. I can’t put it all on my wife. I had my good days and bad.

However, I knew that being out of shape was not the way to go.

Later, we closed the bakery.

I then would go to the gym and workout 3 to 4 times a week.

But my eating habits were not so good.

I could not find the right eating regimen that fitted where I wanted to go.

I gained muscle, but I couldn’t get the abs I wanted.

I then tried different diets.

Like counting my calories.

That didn’t work.

I tried Vegan for a little while.

That didn’t work.

By then COVID was around and they shut down the gyms.

I was like “WHAT THE HECK”.

Not being able to go to the gym was a BIG problem for me.

So I then found calisthenics on YouTube.

I was like, I’M BACK!!

However, I was still missing that one thing I needed most…

A workout plan that would give me guidance and direction and help me stick to my goals.


Suddenly, I was just surfing the web one day and I found FUNK.

I’m like who the heck is FUNK? LOL!

But it was something about this guy that interested me.

I then started to research this guy and found out that he was legit, so I started implementing some of his workouts in my daily routine.

Suddenly, he came out with the 30-day challenge for a dollar and I was like, what do I have to lose.

I’m now in phase 5 of the O40A!


After the Over 40 Alpha

“After my 30-day challenge, I felt great!

I learned being a part of brotherhood made me feel I was not doing this alone.


I finally found the eating plan that worked for me.

My health and the way I feel about myself are so important.

Longevity is a big part of life.

I would tell anyone, it takes discipline and commitment and even some slips up and not-so-good days.

But if you just keep going and don’t give up you will reach your goal and find the person who you really want to see in the mirror!



“Be patient.

Stay positive.

One day at a time.





At 51 years old, that's very impressive! 

Keep crushing Derrick, can’t wait to see what P12 brings!

And if you can hold strong to your wife's baking, you can hold strong here too!

Get it done! 



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