Alpha Spotlight: David Martinez Drops To 14% BF Recovers Body And Libido





The spotlight is on our 43-year-old brother from Colombia who’s crossed the One Year to Alpha and has entered THE ALPHA ZONE with under 15% BF and libido like in his ‘20s.

Cheers to David Martinez!

Know his story and get inspired…


Before Over 40 Alpha


I was 41 in April 2020 when I joined the brotherhood.

I was struggling with anxiety for the first time in my life, the pandemic had just started, my business was closed and I was working from home.

I was gaining weight really quickly as I was eating and drinking a lot, had sleep problems, and was always tired with no energy.

I have been in and out of an active lifestyle many times finding it was very hard for me to be consistent, and one day I found Funk´s 30-day challenge and decided that might be my chance to have a less sedentary pandemic, so I joined and… My life has changed ever since.


After the Over 40 Alpha


​​”Before phase 1 I was 80 kg (176 lb) with 37% body fat.

By the end of phase 12, I was 73.4 kg (162 lb) 14% body fat.

I really am impressed by Funk's program's results, my fitness condition has really improved, my body composition, the way my clothes fit, I'm so much leaner and muscular now.

My aerobic capacity is great and I can now face Funks 30 min workouts and finish with a victory smile on my face.

I feel like I can master my own body, my confidence in myself has gone through the roof: whenever I'm faced with a challenge now I remember the person I was before phase 1 and I say to myself that I can do anything that I set my mind on.

I have the energy to face the day, workout, go to work and come back to my family on the day knowing that I have given my best.

My body is totally different now and my libido is back like I was in my 20's.

I feel like I have been given a new body that I care and respect and that shows in my attitude, people around me can feel that confidence, that inner power…



Take time for yourself, follow the program and be your own scientist and lab.

Make changes and experiment until you find the combination of nutrition and workouts that gives you the best results.

Like Funk says: everybody is different but still you can have an amazing body with what you have!

Just trust Funk and the program and above it all: GET IT DONE every day!


Looking so great David!

Congrats on the “new body” and the work and dedication you've poured into yourself and your WHY.


Way to #GID!



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