Alpha Spotlight: Dave Appleton Built A Tighter And Stronger Core

Over 40 Alpha




The spotlight is on our brother who recently finished the One Year to Alpha with a tighter core and an Alpha attitude!

A 40-year-old brother from Liverpool… He is Dave Appleton! 


Know his story…


Before Over 40 Alpha


“Prior to joining the Brotherhood, I was always someone who exercised regularly at my local gym mainly doing circuit training, kettlebells, running but probably didn't focus enough on nutrition, rest, and recovery.

As a result, I would often overtrain, focusing too much on the cardio side of training, and would pick up colds, injuries and probably didn't look as fit as I should have.

Don't get me wrong I wasn't terribly out of shape and I had decent cardio but I just felt I wasn't going anywhere fast in terms of results, particularly belly fat and core.

Also, I often found that if I couldn't make it to the local gym I just didn't train and would miss a session and therefore I wasn't always consistent each week.

This is where the Alpha Brotherhood came in especially during the lockdown period…it gave me a focus!


After the Over 40 Alpha

“When I started the 30 Day Challenge I weighed in at around 87.6kgs and 14.7% body fat.

At the start of Phase 14 weighed in at 81.3kgs and 13.3% body fat.

So progress has been made and my core has definitely tightened up!!

I have found being part of this program has freed me up a lot on time too.

It's no longer a race against time to get home from work in time for a gym class, I can train whenever.

I have built a nice collection of training equipment at home and having the training program all laid out for me on the app and the other brothers giving their support on the Facebook group is just fantastic!!

Everyone working together to improve themselves and working towards their goals from all corners of the globe is just inspirational!!

The main Alpha traits that are a must on this program are enthusiasm, consistency, and honesty.

That's consistency with every aspect too, not just the workouts.

Nutrition and recovery are just as important if not more so.

Also, be honest with yourself on the program, you cannot lie to yourself so if you haven't been on point with certain aspects of the program have a word with yourself and get it done, it's the only way.

Also, be enthusiastic and if that starts to wane at certain points along the way get on the Facebook group and look to the other brothers for inspiration.

It's a marathon, not a sprint!!



“My advice to any brothers new to this program is that you are in the perfect place if you want to make improvements to your health and fitness and work towards your goals.

Funk has put together a terrific program and the support from the rest of the brothers on the Facebook group is just magic.

Good luck and stay consistent…that's the key.



Amen to that brother!

Put your head down and follow the process!

Just #GID


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