Alpha Spotlight: Chris Snider Drops 25lbs In First Half Of O40A




The spotlight is on for our 45-year-old brother from Iowa. He’s sharing his 6-month journey in the O40A.

He’s lost 25 lbs at the halfway point of the One Year to Alpha and moved down 2 notches on the belt.

Give it up for our brother, Chris Snider!

Get inspired… Here is his inspiring story…

Before Over 40 Alpha


“I did a great job staying in shape in my 30s, but I really struggled once I turned 40.

The things I did in my 30s to stay in shape just didn't work anymore.

Then the pandemic hit, leaving me working 10 feet from my kitchen, and the weight just started to add up.

I tried to use resistance bands, but that was pointless.

And running led to nothing but knee pain…

I’m a professor at Drake University and one of my students was working toward being a certified personal trainer, so I invited her to lead the class in a 10-minute workout one day.

I was completely winded at the end.

I could barely talk to continue teaching the class….

That’s when I knew I needed a change.

I searched YouTube for workouts for men in their 40s.

Of course, that’s when I found Funk.

The YouTube videos got me started and somewhat back in shape.

After a month I was ready for the full program”


After the Over 40 Alpha

I can’t say enough about this program…

So far in the O40A, I have lost 25 lbs.

I’ve moved down two notches in my belt.

All my clothes are way too big now and I've been ordering new clothes like crazy!

I even fit into my old pants which are unfortunately out of style now.

Overall I feel amazing.

It wasn’t always easy…I got shingles a couple of months in…

Then I got a cold that stuck around for weeks…

But I didn’t let them stop my progress.

I just got it done!

I have a feeling I’ll be doing Funk workouts for years to come”



Sign up for the program and get going.

Even if you can't make it through a workout now, you will be able to soon.


Thank you for sharing Chris. Those abs are gonna be BEAST in the next 6 months of muscle-building phases!

1% better each day brothers, what you can’t do today does not determine what you can do tomorrow.




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