Alpha Spotlight: Chris Logsdon Perfectly Levelled Out His Blood Works

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We are turning the spotlight on a 47-year old brother from the US of A who just completed the One Year to Alpha!

He's hit his goal weight, levelled out his blood work to perfection, and looks frickin awesome!!

Loudest cheers to… Chris Logsdon

Check out his story…


Before Over 40 Alpha


Before O40A I was lost with no plan for nutrition and fitness. All I knew was the ever-changing current fads in diet and exercise.

Being an Army officer of 20 years now the idea of exercise was push-ups, situps and 2 mile runs.

My focus was to pass the Army physical fitness test (APFT).

My nutrition was not dialed in…I would eat what I wanted and what was easy, sometimes healthy but mostly not.

When I started this program over a year ago at 5'10” I weighed in around just under 200 lbs with a 38″ waist.

My blood pressure although not a great concern was always slightly higher than should be and my blood work always came back with some areas elevated.


After the Over 40 Alpha

O40A has taught me so much and I now have a plan and a better understanding of what good fitness looks like.

It's so much more than the idea I adopted to do more to eat less to lose weight.

I have embraced the 6 pillars of fitness and now understand how important balanced nutrition is.

You noticed I said nutrition and not a diet. Diets are temporary fixes with temporary results while good nutrition is a life-changing mindset.

I now sustain my weight around 175 lbs with a 35″ waist and have much more definition and muscle tone.

I have more energy, sleep better, a lot less early morning get out of bed aches, and pain.

My blood pressure is spot on and all my blood work came back from my last physical perfect all within the normal to lower levels

This is not the end of my journey, it is the beginning of the rest of my life.

I reached my initial weight goal and now I have set new goals to continue to reduce body fat and gain muscle mass and strength.

The biggest thing I have learned here goes beyond fitness in setting goals for life and having the determination and sacrifice to stick within to see them through. “



“For the new Brothers, first welcome to the beginning of improving the rest of your life.

Trust the program, use all the tools provided, and do NOT compare your results to others.

This is your journey, your work, and your success.

Set individual goals on where you want to be and work to reach your goals.

There will be setbacks and times of little to no motivation.

Take these setbacks, accept them, learn from them then set them aside.

Use setbacks as learning experiences and move on to achieve your goals.

The more you're active in the FB group and coaching calls the easier it will be to stay on track and maximize your results.”

And most importantly…What is your WHY?!!


Thanks for sharing Chris!

An all-American Alpha right here!

Alpha Plus should make those abs pop nicely!

Fellas keep getting it done and just focus on your 1%!



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