Alpha Spotlight: Chris Has Achieved Physical Recovery In The O40A Program




We highlight our 51-year-old brother who has been an inspiration in the O40A Brotherhood. 

Check out the amazing story of Chris Elliot!


“I was in a freak accident a little over a year ago and I broke my neck and was completely paralyzed except for the use of my right arm and hand. I had to learn to move my body all over again; despite the fact that I had been an athlete all my life, and a fight coach, like Funk.

I just wanted to let Mr. Roberts know that HIS programs have been instrumental and invaluable in my physical recovery.


I have to use resistance bands because my body is just not able just yet to move large amounts of weight around, and gyms are so busy that they can be dangerous for me (I HAVE begun to also use dumbbells though).

But with Funk's program, I can get the physical rehab I need, while also doing it in my own home, or at the park, AND… they're perfect because I'm 51 years old.

The nutrition program is very easy to follow and has helped me make great gains (abs are made in the kitchen right?!)



I'm so grateful for your programs.





Your #GID spirit is exceptional! Thank you for the inspiration, Marcelo! 


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