Alpha Spotlight: Charles Crispim Reduced His Medication And Removed His CPAP





Our 52-year-old Canadian brother who just completed the One Year to Alpha.

His weight loss journey has helped reduce his medication and removed his CPAP machine!

Such a big thing! 

The spotlight is on our brother, Charles Crispim.

Check his incredible story…

Before Over 40 Alpha


“Before O40A I was sort of rudder-less from a fitness perspective.

Due to a hip resurfacing procedure in 2018, I lost quite a bit of hip mobility and was no longer able to practice BJJ.

I tried cycling, rowing, cardio machines etc. I went through the motions but I was not getting results and found those activities quite boring.

I also was incrementally getting heavier every year while struggling with maintaining a healthy diet.

I began to sample many YouTube workout videos.

The workouts were all great in general but as a 51-year old, I needed something more.

Something more focused and wholesome that not only provided exercises but also covered nutrition and recovery.

I stumbled upon Funks channel and one of his messages on testosterone and nutrition really resonated.

The telltale signs of low testosterone: belly fat, low libido, low energy were now so obvious.

With Funk’s help, I realized that I had to make a change otherwise I would only continue to get bigger and further erode my well-being.

The pandemic also gave me no excuses since I was working from home and no commute gave me 2 hours extra per day to prepare meals if needed.

One week into the O40A program and I knew I found the solution as I was no longer always hungry and I had lots of energy.”


After the Over 40 Alpha


“Since starting the program last year, I have lost 30 pounds and have dropped 5 belt holes.

In consultation with my Doctor, I have also reduced the blood pressure medications that I take.

Due to weight loss, my beats per minute were actually dropping below 40 at night!

Hence the need for an adjustment to my meds.

Finally, weight loss has cured sleep apnea and snoring.

The dreaded CPAP machine is gone

The biggest win for me in the program has been the incremental improvement in my health.

I also appreciate the nutrition regiment.

Prior to O40A, I was always hungry, never ate carbs, was starving myself yet I was still overweight.

With the Alpha meals, I am amazed about how much I eat with a balanced plate yet continue to lose weight.

The sugar cravings are also now very rare.”



“The advice I would give to new brothers is to focus on nutrition.

Funk's balanced plate is key, especially the starchy carbs as they seem to regulate hunger pains and sugar cravings”



Thank you for sharing your story, Charles!

Continue getting it done! You are an OG Alpha!



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