Alpha Spotlight: Cesar Reduced Pant Sizes To 4 And Lost 16lbs

Alpha Transformations



We highlight our 52-year-old American brother who lost 5 inches on the belly and 4 pant sizes since starting O40A.

Check out the story of Cesar Deniz!


Before Over 40 Alpha


“Life before O40A was tough. Poor exercise habits and even worse eating habits. I was extremely apathetic. It all came to a head with a heart attack.

It shook me out of my lack of enthusiasm and really made me realize I had to make a decision and get myself on track not only for myself but more importantly for my family”


After the Over 40 Alpha


​​“It's been up and down but when I started I was 268 lbs as I sit here today 252 lbs down 16 lbs.

I went from size 42 pants to size 38.

My stomach was at 49 inches now 42 inches.

Since I started with O40A I've been able to be more consistent with my fitness. I have been able to really see how important it is to exercise and how good it makes one feel. But most important for me is how my family has responded to my commitment to be well for them. We're much happier and I'm grateful for that!

The get it done mantra is everywhere in my life now. Anytime there is a challenge in my life I just say Let's Get it Done! Anytime I feel lazy, I say Let's get it done!

Anytime something needs to be completed, Let's get it done! It's been extremely life-changing and my attitude is worlds apart from when I started”



“Brothers, just stick to the plan. If you get discouraged just keep going and I promise you will succeed.
Also, rely on your brothers in the Facebook group, we are all here for each other. No judgments, just great advice, and even greater motivation when you're feeling down. 1% better every day and remember, Let's Get It Done!”


Your Alpha-driven spirit is inspiring Cesar!

Keep getting it done in all ways! 


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