Alpha Spotlight: Bruce Taylor Lost 14kgs Cut Body Fat By 4%

Over 40 Alpha




This man keeps it REAL for us every day in the Facebook group from Gym Selfies to awesome Alpha Meals (except the vegemite LOL)

This goes to the brother who has gone all in.

He’s dedicated himself to becoming an Alpha man, he supports the brotherhood, he gets it done, and shows signs of making life more incredible as an Alpha for everyone in their kingdom.



Check out his inspiring story…


Before Over 40 Alpha


“My biggest problem before starting this was keeping my energy levels up during the day and trying to lose body fat.

My biggest motivation was knowing that I had a new grandson on the way and wanting to be around as long as possible to watch him grow up.

My problem was that I was complacent and keeping within my comfort zone and knew I needed something more.

I have tried other HIIT programs in the past, but they only targeted the workouts and nothing else, I got to a certain place in weight loss and minimal muscle gain, then it stopped and gradually put the weight back on and lost any muscle gains I achieved.



After the Over 40 Alpha


“From the before pics 3 yrs ago, I've lost 14kgs, I believe I've cut my body fat % by 4%.

Going by body scans I have had done in the last 2 years, I've put on 2kgs of muscle in that time.

Energy levels have gone through the roof and mindset is bulletproof.

Without this training, I would still be going to the gym and working out, but I would be doing it with no direction and would end up getting frustrated by the lack of results.

I have become more defined

I have become stronger

I am more confident

I am eating healthy and more of it while losing body fat, which is enjoyable for me as I love my food.

What makes this program different??:

Nutrition is key and a massive part of the program, however for me personally, tapping into and changing my mindset to working out a specific way and not stopping even when it gets tough.”


Over 40 Alpha



Trust Funk and trust the process he has put together, but also trust in yourself that you can get it done.

The first thing is getting your head around the amount and types of foods to eat, especially after being told for so long that carbs are the enemy, they’re not.

The other thing is getting through the first week of workouts, I wouldn’t say they got easier, however, your body will adapt to the workouts as you progress through them.


Now life is awesome. I’m getting stronger and more confident, which is spilled out into my family life.

I noticed the way we shop at home has changed and because of the program, the way we eat has changed. Our family is also more active and get out more to exercise.



You’re becoming a damn champion, Bruce!

Thanks for making this place an amazing community so we all GET IT DONE, and inspire more men to step into their GREATNESS!


You’re ALL doing amazing!


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