Alpha Spotlight: Brandon Valene Reclaims His Body Condition And Drops 40lbs





Our 49-year-old American brother deserves a compliment. He had a turbulent ride before getting into the O40A.

He dropped 40 pounds, got his libido back, and now sleeps soundly.

Give a big hand to Brandon Valene!

Have a look at his motivating progress…. 


Before Over 40 Alpha


1 YEAR AGO, I sat here contemplating whether or not I should join the Brotherhood.

I was doing Funks workouts on YouTube on and off for a year along with a compilation of other workouts I found on YouTube.

I had no program to follow and was all over the place.

3 months before I decided to join, I had joined another 30-day program for a stupid amount of money that was apparently geared more toward Crossfit and almost destroyed my shoulders, knees, and joints.

I was in constant pain.

I had been doing keto for 2 years and had lost a lot of weight and to add starchy carbs back in my diet scared me.

I was 223 in those heaviest pics.

I got down to 161 on calorie counting and keto in 8 months.

I struggled with my body fat since the weight loss was so extreme… I maintained 165-168 until last July when I decided I wanted to add carbs back into my diet after I read how it supports testosterone levels.

I went up to 175 from there and was frustrated”


After the Over 40 Alpha


​​”After a year, I'm still figuring out the nutrition but I can't see myself leaving this Brotherhood.

I got up to 190lbs but my muscles were growing.

After the April challenge, I dropped down to 183 lbs and that is where I am now.

I'm definitely stronger than I have ever been compared to when I was younger.

Libido is more sustainable.

Sleep is more sound.

My muscles are denser with broader shoulders and added 1/2″ to arms.

This last month doing the Alpha Warrior Dumbbell Challenge was my phase 11 and it made my official 12 months in the program.

I'm not where I want to be yet but thank God I'm not where I used to be.”



Don't over-complicate things and enjoy the process even when you are not seeing the results you want, which I have done.”



Thank you for recounting your narratives, Brandon!

Cheers to your 1-year journey! Can’t wait to see the abs pop in the Alpha Plus! 

#GID the 1% better than yesterday!



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