Alpha Spotlight: Boosted Energy, Health, And Confidence On The Journey To 11.4% Body Fat

Alpha Transformations



Today, we're shining a light on our 57-year-old sibling who's bravely facing Alpha Prime, navigating the last stages of the 3-year journey of O40A, and appearing incredibly strong like an Alpha BEAST!

Check out the story of Mark Ware…


Before Over 40 Alpha


“Prior to joining O40A, in October 2020, my weight was almost 200lbs..

I had puffy muscles, and definitely had endurance issues…

I had a few health concerns at that time such as gout, high cholesterol, kidney issues, and high blood pressure.

My muscle mass was 80.9%, my BMI was 26.7 and my body fat was over 15%.

I needed to improve my health…

When I made the commitment to join O40A, my immediate goal was to lose 10 pounds, gain muscle, lose body fat, and get off as many prescriptions as I could.”


After the Over 40 Alpha


“I now have more energy and feel like I’m in some of the best shape of my life.

My body fat percentage is down to 11.4%! (Alpha Zone status)

I’m officially off all the prescription meds I was on!

I've slimmed down, as I used to wear an extra large shirt and now I wear a large.

My eating habits have changed and I prep my meals on the weekends to ensure I eat healthy, balanced meals throughout the week.

Encouragement from the brotherhood has been motivational for me and compliments from total strangers that I’ve received.”



“My advice to the new guys joining is ‘know your why’!

Why are you doing this?

Be committed to reaching your personal goals.

Stick with the plan and don’t compare yourself to others, it’s your journey. When times get hard, remember your why and keep pushing through to get it done.”


Congratulations on your victories, Mark! Keep pushing forward and motivating the rest of us!



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