Alpha Spotlight: Asad Has Regained His Confidence And Lost 50lbs In The O40A

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We are featuring our 48-year-old American brother who slimmed down by 50 pounds and has taken back his 30-year-old body and mind condition!

Check the story of our brother, Asad Bangash!


Before Over 40 Alpha


In my 20s & 30s, I had always been fairly active.

I worked out and tried to eat right.

I was not a gym rat but worked out a minimum of 2 days a week.

I stayed around 190-200lb and my nutrition was not great but not terrible.

In my 40s, I started to slide…

I stopped working out, my diet got worse and was not educating myself on nutrition for men in their 40s.

I was embarrassed to take my shirt off at the beach or pool.

I got embarrassing moobs, and just started to feel old.

I own my own business, remodeled my own house, worked on my own cars and had always been a DIYer, go getter type of person and with that I always liked that my body would not slow me down.

However, in my 40s that was changing.

My joints hurt, always taking naps, did not have that spring in my step and that spark I had in my 30s.

I was moody, snapping at loved ones and libido was low.

I just did not feel like a man in every way.

I was trying to work out like I did 10-20 years ago but my body was saying no!

I ran across Funk on Youtube and really liked what he had to say, his style and was talking directly to the issues I had.

Within a week I was hooked.”


After the Over 40 Alpha


​​“ Now a year later, I feel just like I did in my 30s!

I am down 50lbs, even 5 pounds less than when I was in my 20s-30s!

My spark is back!

I don’t nap anymore!

My moobs are gone, and I’m finally not embarrassed to take my shirt off at the beach!

I no longer snap at loved ones, it seems that issues don’t bother me anymore.

My positive mindset is back!

Best of all… my wife loves me in the bedroom again!”



My advice to new brothers is to follow Funk in this order,

  1. Nutrition
  2. Sleep
  3. Workouts/Mobility.

Getting 7-9 hours shut eye and proper nutrition specific to us men over 40 was key!

I thought I was eating healthy but Funk opened my eyes.

As soon as I followed Funk's nutrition and sleep protocol, within 30 days I lost my first 12lbs.

Because I had the first two in check, the workouts maxed out the gains and gave me more motivation to keep going.

This is for real brothers and I am an O40Alpha for life.



Thank you for sharing your awesome story, Asad.

Can’t wait for your greater heights in the Alpha Zone!


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