Alpha Spotlight: Andy Howell Lost 22lbs In The One Year To Alpha





The spotlight is focused on our 55-year-old brother from England who lost 22lbs on his One Year to Alpha. And, he is being an Alpha man in all ways!

All praise to Andy Howell! 

Look into his inspiring story…


Before Over 40 Alpha


“Before the O40A, I think I needed help with a new direction.

I’ve been training at the gym for many years but plateaued and started losing enthusiasm.

When I couldn’t go to the gym any longer, I decided to try to lose fat on my own.

With the O40A, Funk has shown me much more than just fat loss.


After the Over 40 Alpha


“With the O40A, weight-wise I’ve lost about 10kg. (about 22lbs)

I’ve lost fat and added muscle so I’m in much better shape.

I have more discipline and more energy as well as much more self-respect…all around a better me!

I feel that I am a better example for my kids…

And I feel more like a man!

I’m hoping to make my princess proud to be on my arm.

I have a whole different outlook on life, a whole better me which has come more from Funk's advice and positivity!

You never stop learning and never give up trying to improve yourself and hopefully I can set a good example to those around me.

Everyone I know says I’ve never looked better…that’s thanks to Funk!”



“Be disciplined…do what Funk tells you he knows what he’s talking about!



Thank you for sharing your story, Andy.

Here's to the next 40 being better than the first!

Keep Getting It Done all the time! 



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