Alpha Spotlight: An 18-Month Journey to O40A Achievement at 50

Alpha Transformations



Today, we're highlighting our 50-year-old brother from the UK, who has diligently built lean muscle and strength, overcoming numerous setbacks on his journey to achieving Alpha status within just one year.

Check out the story of our newest Alpha OG, Rich Cousins…


Before Over 40 Alpha


“Biggest problem for me was not having the regimented program which meant I would be fine for a week or two and then I would wander off track as I had not planned what I was going to do…

Then once off track, it would be weeks before I got back.

The unstructured workouts, skipped workouts, poor nutritional understanding and lack of motivation had me in a chokehold.”


After the Over 40 Alpha


“Finally finished O40A, although with injuries, RA flare ups and surgery it took me nearly 18 months.

Hit the big 50 in that time too, onto the next year and continuing to change body composition.

I am definitely stronger as I have had to purchase multiple sets of dumbbells and use significantly higher weights now for the same exercises. I also put on some good lean muscle even if I have not shifted as much fat as I would like.

I’ve become more resilient, motivated, and energized in the process as well.”



“Trust the program, speak to the other brothers and get it done.”


Congratulations on completing the first year despite dealing with RA, injuries, and other setbacks. That's true Alpha initiative!



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