Alpha Spotlight: Achieved 13% Body Fat And Supercharged Mind With O40A

Alpha Transformations



Today, we highlight our 59-year-old American brother, a distinguished Alpha OG, and a genuine source of inspiration for the potential of the Meta Test Boost System. His remarkable transformation journey even included a “real transformation” bike tour, during which he traveled to meet fellow brothers from the United States to Canada.

Check out the story of J.E. Jones…


Before Over 40 Alpha


“Before joining Over 40 Shred I had back surgery in November 2019 and went through a divorce proceeding.
I was in a car accident three months later and could not do any exercise for 6 months and even then, I could not lift weights.
I gained 30+ pounds and was very weak.”


After the Over 40 Alpha


“I lost 35 pounds in the first year of O40A and got to a body fat % of 13%.
I went from pants size 38 to 30!
My Testosterone increased from 612 to 730!
My biggest benefit with the O40A program is that my memory and attention span have enhanced greatly. I knew my body shape would change for the better but, I did not expect my mind would be so clear and focused.”



“Let’s get it done. Believe in the plan. “Transformation Is Real”
No matter how I am feeling through my workout my “Why” and what I repeatedly say to myself what Funk says; “It’s Okay”, have to rest; “It’s Okay”; have to skip a rep; “It’s Okay”, feel a different muscle than the one you are concentrating on; “It’s Okay” gets me through it.”


Congratulations on your incredible transformation, John, and may your journey continue to inspire others.



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