Alpha Spotlight: A Success Story Of An Ageless Alpha

Alpha Transformations



Meet our latest Alpha OG, a 67-year-old American gentleman who's embracing his inner Alpha and has successfully completed the One Year to Alpha challenge, growing stronger with each passing day!

Check out the story of Philip Gale…


Before Over 40 Alpha


“Before the O40A I had a regular physical routine, but I really lacked structure and support.

I used the same routine essentially for a long time and made it up as I went along…

I was getting STAGNANT in my workouts and hit a plateau.”


After the Over 40 Alpha


​”I feel more Alpha!

I look more Alpha!

I am learning to walk like an Alpha with my chest out and head held high,

& my wife says she really likes how my body has changed!

My consistency and commitment are way better now because of the program.

My determination and patience with situations have improved and I am continually aiming to be the man I was designed to be.”



“Just stick to the program.”


Philip, we appreciate you sharing your journey with us and accomplishing it alongside brothers from all corners of the globe. Can’t wait for your ALPHA PLUS story!



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